Too Busy to Meditate? Think Again

Meditation is one of these incredibly important but not one bit urgent activities — it’s not like anyone is going to be yelling at you to get your meditation in. So it’s no surprise that the number one reason we hear that people don’t meditate as much as they want is because they are “too busy.”  At Ziva, we believe that our society needs to stop the glorification of busy. But it can be a challenge.

Many of our community who have taken zivaONLINE, our online meditation training, say that they were hesitant to start a meditation practice because they thought they were already too busy to meditate. But they quickly discover that the benefits of meditating are so amazing that once you start, it becomes something you WANT to make time for. Take it from Sarah Anne Stewart, pictured above, a holistic health practitioner and zivaONLINE rockstar:

When I began zivaONLINE, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly take on anything else — especially another course. Overwhelmed, living out of a suitcase, coaching full-time, and launching my business, my life already felt jam-packed. But I knew deep down that I needed zivaONLINE — I needed something to hold me accountable, and this course was it! It was truly a life-saver!

It helped me tap into my truest-self, gain clarity around decision making, and detach from the piles of things I had to do. I am beyond grateful that Emily created this simple, yet powerful meditation program that I have at my fingertips! The wonderful thing about zivaONLINE is that it is perfect if you are brand new to meditation — it’s an invaluable practice — I highly recommend zivaONLINE for everyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life!

As Sarah Anne and others have learned, meditation can reframe the way that you think of the word “busy,” and can in fact shift your mental state so your responsibilities feel more manageable.

Together, let’s put “busy” in its place.

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