How (and Why) to Forgive Yourself

Welcome to week 2 of our 4-week series on forgiveness. Last week, we shared an incredibly powerful guided exercise called The Power of Forgiveness to help you safely and confidently navigate old feelings of resentment, anger and pain. And you can use it as many times as you want or need. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get it here.

This week, we’ll dive into how to work on forgiveness in your most valuable relationship — the one you have with yourself. According to Psychology Today, practicing forgiveness for yourself — whether it be for making a mistake at work, fighting with a family member, or not taking proper care of yourself — is actually essential for emotional intelligence and peace of mind. Plus, “the more shame you heal, the more you will be able to see yourself more clearly. Your relationships with others will change and deepen. More importantly, your relationship with yourself will improve.”

We’re all doing the best we can with the tools we have. And though forgiving yourself can feel as hard — if not harder — than forgiving someone else who has hurt you, it’s a vital first step to freeing up lots of wasted energy harboring anger and pain for things you may have done or said in the past.

So, to dive deeper and actually practice forgiveness with Emily as your guide, make sure to download The Power of Forgiveness and give it a listen.

And remember, no one can beat us up as much as we beat ourselves up. It’s OK (and even good for you!) to show yourself a little love and compassion. Forgiveness is a powerful thing.

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